All The Reason’s Paige Mobley from America's Next Top Model is Amazing



LMU’s very own Paige Mobley is competing on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 and crushing it...this is why we love her!

1. She’s all about girls supporting girls

She’s always smiling and congratulating other girls during panel when they get good comments, she’s not afraid to support her friends even when they’re competing against her!

2. She never stops smiling

She’s beaming in every episode.

3. She’s friendly to everyone

No one ever has a problem with her and everyone always raves about how sweet she is.

4. She’s not afraid to speak her mind

Remember when she confessed that Binta scares her? Same.

5. She cares about activism

Her Twitter bio even says so!

6. She killed the trampoline challenge

@Nike her

7. She dances like she’s at an audition for Beyonce’s world tour

Remember when they filmed the music videos? Her ending blew everyone’s out of the park!

8. She’s always a professional and always a boss

Rita even said so herself!