Affordable Halloween Costumes

By Maddie Mackler


Hello All! It’s spooky season, but for myself and for many other college students the spookiest thing of all is taking a peek at our bank accounts. To help give our banks a break before Winter break here’s a list of Halloween Costumes that are affordable.


Black Cat

A Halloween Classic, the Black Cat is an easy way to look cute and sexy depending on what you are going for. All you need to buy is a pair of cat ears, which should be easy to find. The rest of your outfit is just all black. Your clothes will also be comfortable throughout the night.



For the past few years, the fashion trends have been recycling themselves from the 80s, 90s, and now the 70s (which I’m in love with right now). Why not take all your period pieces and combine them into one outfit? Any decade can work!


Rosie the Riveter

Go Women! Rosie is a classic icon that anyone will recognize. All you need are a pair of jeans, a blue blouse, and the classic red bandana. Get those red Rosie lips and prepare your “We Can Do It” pose, and you’re all set.



Feeling sporty? Be a boxer! Wear a sports bra and a matching pair of biker shorts or spandex, and wrap bandages around your wrists or grab a pair of fingerless gloves. For an extra layer add a silky robe.



It’s like the black cat, but red.  Wear your red clothes, purchase a pair of devil horns, and you are good to go, or should I say bad to the bone?


Holly Golightly

Ever dreamed of being one of the most stunning women in Hollywood? It’s easier than you think. The key is a little black dress and black heels.  Put your hair in a high bun and add a little sparkle clip in the front. Slip on some black gloves and a big pair of sunglasses and you’re ready for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.