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A Girl’s Guide to Planning Friendsgiving

Hosting Tips and Ideas:

Create the Guest List  

This first step is essential! Decide on the number of guests, in addition to whether you want to mix up friend groups. You may only want to invite people from your new school because it is easier to plan but feel free to mix it up. It’s never a bad idea to meet new people. 

Pick a Location

Although friendsgiving is traditionally known for being held at someone’s dinner table, feel free to get creative and switch things up! Some fun spots include a backyard or even the beach (especially around sunset).   

Create the Menu

Whether you go potluck style, order in or cook it fresh, be sure to let your guests know the plan ahead of time. Also, decide on whether you want to invest in some fun drinks (if you are of age). If not, then definitely consider some sparkling cider or another fun non-alcoholic drink to fit the holiday mood. 

Set the Vibe

In other words, what is the dress code? Does everyone have to dress in certain colors? Is it casual, pajama themed or formal? These are questions to keep in mind especially to those leaning towards the more formal side. You definitely want to make this clear to the guests, especially if you’re planning on taking lots of photos. 

Set the Mood 

Create a playlist to coincide with your theme or just play some of your friends’ favorite songs. Fun tip: Create a joint playlist or have people request songs before the event!

Decide on Activities

Depending on your location and theme, it may be a good idea to have some activities planned out. Will you play a classic such as charades? Will you take on a more modern game such as cards against humanity or throw in a round of karaoke or even a full-on movie marathon? 

Don’t Forget to Take Some Cute Photos and Celebrate!

After all the work you put in to organize this event, it would be a shame for you to not have any photos for yourself or to post and share. Take some time to get some snaps with all your gals – especially if this is a reunion! Don’t forget to smile! 

Camilla is a currently a freshman dance and marketing major at Loyola Marymount University.
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