9 Things To Do On a Rainy Day in LA

Stay in Bed and Do Nothing

Whether this consists if napping or continuously scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook on repeat, sometimes lazy days are just what we need to rejuvenate for the weekend!

Facetime Family and Highschool Friends

Cause why not talk to your oldest friends and family who you never get to see?


Have a Netflix Viewing Party With Friends

These gloomy days are the best excuse to catch up on your favorite shows and movies, but why do it alone? Call a friend so you can binge watch (and eat junk food) while in your comfiest sweats.


Order Postmates

These are the kinds of days when all you want is to stay in your PJ’s all day and not put on an ounce of makeup. So why have to leave your bed when you can get food ordered to you from the comfort of your own home?


Drink Hot Chocolate and Bake Cookies

Anything to have an excuse to indulge in these savory snacks...but also cause it can warm up your body when you get slightly cold.


Go Online Shopping

This is an extremely easy way to kill 4 hours of your day...seamlessly scrolling through 10 different websites, adding 30 things to your cart just for the fun of it and looking at your total cost for everything like:


Clean Out Your Closet

What better time to get rid of your ripped sweater from 5 years ago than now? It is an easy way to kill time and makes you feel very productive afterward.


Catch Up On Homework

Whether it’s getting started on next week’s math homework or reading a book for fun, rainy days give you the perfect opportunity to get ahead on things you would normally put off till the last minute (or not do at all).


Look Outside and Think About Life

Cause why not.