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9 Reasons Friendsgiving is Best Spent with Your High School Friends:

As you excitedly anticipate the days of Thanksgiving break to begin and the return of your high school besties, you should consider reuniting with each other over an annual Friendsgiving meal. Friendsgiving is typically hosted the day before or after Thanksgiving and serves as the perfect backdrop for your friend group to come together for an evening of high school nostalgia, gossip, and carbs. After being separated since the final days of summer, you’re so excited for some real time with your friends because no amount of texting or facetiming can replace real life interactions. Friendsgiving will allow you to reminisce over your old favorite memories and share all the new ones you made in college.

Here are 9 reasons Friendsgiving is best spent with your high school friends:

1. After four years of school lunches together, a group meal is the perfect throwback (plus, there’s literally no judgement with food because they already know all your eating habits…and everything else about you.) 

2. Thanksgiving is all about traditions, so make your own. If you make this an annual tradition your Friendsgiving will fall on the same Wednesday before or Friday after every year, so you’ll be able to plan you’re schedule accordingly.

3. Friend time is as important as family time. After spending most of the week surrounded by out of state relatives and your immediate family, who love asking about your grades and probing into your social life, sometimes you need a little break with people your own age.

4. Its been way too long, since the last time you were all together. Some of you took summer courses in different states, studied abroad, or went on family vacations over the summer, so you didn’t get as many group hangouts as you would have liked.

5. You know all the same people, so you can tell each other about your most recent encounters with other people from high school and you’re all in the loop. If one of your friends’ has a younger sibling they’ll keep your group up to date about all your favorite teachers.

6. You get to have real talk with each other. You get to tell all the stories from college that you obviously can’t say in front of your family.

7. Food, did I mention food yet? Mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and turkey. Oh my! Who says you can only have one Thanksgiving a year.

8. Group pictures! If the past few years in college has taught you anything, you’re not always able to be with other. Document the moment. Take selfies, a huge group picture, or reenact your classic high school pose. Reunions are always insta-worthy.  

9. You are so grateful to have these friends in your life. Even if you don’t talk to all of them every day, each member of your high school friend group helped shaped you into the person today. You shared some of the most transformative years of your lives, and they had your back the entire time.

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