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8 Stages of Sorority Recruitment

1. Nervous

You don’t know what to expect. You’ve watched your older friends post pictures with all of their sorority sisters on bid day and other events and you can’t wait to find your own sisterhood. 

2. You’re completely overwhelmed.

Every time you enter a chapter’s recruitment space you’re immediately with with over one hundred girls chanting at you. You then get your girl flirt on with a couple different sisters until it’s time to leave. Then you repeat this process until you’ve seen every sorority on campus.

3. Stressed.

Having to run across campus in 10 minutes so you’re not late to a house is easier said than done, espeically in heels.

4. You’re tired.

10 hours and 12 houses later… It’s not until you’ve been making small talk for 10 hours that you realize how truly emotionally and physically exhausting it really is.

5. You’re terrified.

Once you’ve seen all the sororities, you rank which ones you like best and if the sororities you picked decide that they like you too, you’ll get asked back to see them again. Every girl is wondering: did my top house ask me back?

6. Overwhelmed again.

After small talk and hours of meeting tons of girls, it’s stressful and confusing to recall what you liked about each house and make a decision. Trying to think back to rank all of your options.

7. It gets emotional.

You might not get a big from your top house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your home in a different sorority.

8. Excitement.

Bid day is the best day of recruitment because you get a little envelope with a bid from the sorority that wants you to be a part of their sisterhood. Then the new members get to run to their sorority as their new sisters wait with open arms and tons of glitter. From stress, to worry, to exhaustion, sorority recruitment ends with a feeling of excitement that will last for the next 4 years.

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Kaitlin is a senior English Major at Loyola Marymount University. 
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