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1. Take it easy on yourself

We have all been through a lot this year, and it’s good to keep this in mind when you’re going through recruitment. Try to take some deep breaths and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Whatever happens, it will all work out.


2. Take care of yourself

Unfortunately, virtual recruitment means a lot of screen time. If you can, try and get outside throughout the weekend. Getting fresh air will help clear your head and reduce your stress. Also, make sure you eat and sleep enough to sustain yourself throughout the busy day.


3. Stay comfortable

An upside of virtual recruitment is that there is no dress code! Try wearing some comfortable clothes, and make sure your zoom setup will be cozy. Take advantage of being in your own space!


4. Trust the process

This is the most common tip for a reason; it’s the truth! While the weekend can be daunting, try to keep an open mind. Even if you aren’t sure about where you will end up, keep going. 


5. Acknowledge your anxiety

Recruitment is a nerve-wracking process for most people, and that is to be expected. Add the extra element of being on zoom, and it can be a lot. It’s completely normal to be nervous. Try taking some deep breaths and having a warm cup of tea to soothe your nerves. While it's not a cure-all, making yourself comfortable always helps!


6. Trust your gut

It can be hard to leave preconceived notions at the door but, you should try. Be open with every person you talk to, and that energy will come back to you. Try not to worry about what your friends are saying or which organizations they like. You will each end up wherever fits you, and it’s okay if you end up in different places.


7. Embrace your differences

Even if you don’t think you may fit into every organization, try to embrace your differences. Chances are, you will have something in common with everyone you come across. Just be yourself and notice where you feel most comfortable in your own skin. Find the people that you can see yourself being friends with and the women you know will support you through the good and bad. You got this!  

Galen is a sophomore at LMU majoring in film, television, and media studies and minoring in screenwriting.
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