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7 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For Sorority Recruitment

It’s officially that time of year again…

Sororities are officially getting ready for recruitment! There’s talk of outfits, values, and finding the perfect pledge class. Recruitment counselors are disaffiliated, excited, and looking forward to meeting their groups. Being a recruitment counselor myself, I thought I would give everyone who’s questioning whether or not they want to do it some incentive to.

1 It’s fun

I’m a sophomore, so I went through sorority recruitment nearly a year ago (where has the time gone??). I love dressing up and doing makeup, so that aspect of recruitment was a blast. I’m really not that girly, I’m more of a casual girl on a day-to-day basis, but if I have an excuse to get dressed up I usually take it. However, if that’s not fun for you, there are a lot of other great parts!

2 You’ll learn about yourself

Honestly, recruitment can be scary sometimes, but you also learn a lot about your values. LMU does values based recruitment, so it’s never about the frills. It’s all about the sisterhood and philanthropy. It’s a great way to make sure you truly find where you belong!

3 It’s good to get involved on campus

You’ll meet so many people and join something great! And through a sorority comes so many other awesome opportunities. You can join committees, exec teams, or even other organizations like Greek Light, a fun bible study for sorority women and fraternity men.

4 You’ll make friends

I’m still friends with a lot of the girls I was in line with! It’s honestly a great way to bond with people.

5 You might surprise yourself

I know so many girls who were questioning whether or not they wanted to do recruitment and ended up joining sororities they love. Get out there and try something new! There’s seriously nothing else like it.

6 It’ll make you so much better at small talk and give you some interview skills

Day 1 you literally talk to 15+ girls about yourself, so if you gain anything, at the least you’ll walk out of it a better interviewee. Perks!

7 You could find your “home”

“Your sisters see your individuality as strength. They help you grow as a person and reach your goals in a supportive environment.”

Even though I joined a sorority and am now a recruitment counselor (#biased), I do really want to encourage people to sign up. LMU’s Greek Life is truly an amazing thing to be apart of and I would love it if as many people as possible had the opportunity to find their place on campus and in Greek Life, is that’s where you belong. The link to sign up is in the bio of the LMU CPC Instagram (@lmupanhellenic) and you have until January 17th to sign up! It does have a fee, but the sooner you do it the lower it will be. Please consider signing up! It’ll be an adventure, I can promise you that. 

Sign up here!


Lizzie Bromley is a sophomore studying Journalism at Loyola Marymount University. She is in a sorority, CPC VP of Communications and Marketing, involved in Campus Ministry, and the VP of Social Media for Greek Light. She has passions for writing/blogging, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching The Office.
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