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I love shopping, and finding new styles has always been one of my favorite parts of every new season.  But the more I’ve learned about fast fashion, the more I’ve realized how harmful it is to get new clothes every time the style changes.  While thrifting is always a great alternative, modifying the clothes you already have at home can also help you find a new style without creating more waste.  Here are some suggestions of styles to recreate at home to make your denim feel new for another season.

Add a Graphic

Technically you might need to do some thrifting in addition to your crafting for this style, but the end product makes it worth it!  Dig through your closet or local thrift store, find a cute graphic or pieces of fabric that you can sew on to your jeans, and you can create your own statement piece without having to actually buy a statement piece.

Change the Cut

If you have jeans that just aren’t working for you, you can always make them shorts!  I’ve cut a lot of my ripped jeans into shorts when they get too ripped and you can’t even tell the shorts are homemade!  If you’re going for a fringed look at the bottom, washing them a few times will make the bottoms look more natural.  

Put in Some Details

You’d be surprised how much a difference little details can make to an outfit.  Making the stitching a fun color can give your outfit the extra little pop of fun you’ve been looking for!

Add Some Art

I have to admit, I don’t have the artistic talent to DIY jeans like this but I admire those who do!  If you’re confident in your painting skills, adding some artwork to the pockets of your jeans is a cool way to add a new individuality.

Add a Copper Tint

To take your jeans from the typical blue to a more faded look, consider just adding some fabric paint to the edges!  The metallic edge is a fun way to add paint to your jeans that isn’t too difficult for those of us who aren’t quite pro painters, like me!

Stitch in a Design

A little bit of sewing skill can go a long way!  Creating a pattern with thread like a flame or some flowers or branches is a great addition to any denim piece.  Flames on clothes have been having a moment for a while now, so now is your chance to jump on board with this trend without actually buying more clothes.  Or think of your own design to start a trend of your own!

There are way more ways to change up your denim you can find online, so if none of these suit your fancy, feel free to search through Pinterest yourself!  But next time you are wishing for new jeans, try changing your own up instead.  Even if it doesn’t go how you were expecting, if you were going to get rid of your jeans anyway you have nothing to lose!

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