6 Ways to be a Successful Student

School sucks sometimes, and even talking about it can suck as well, so to bring positive energy to this article I’ve included some semi-school related vines.  They are meant to encourage strong study habits and provide an incentive for academic achievement. With that said let’s dive in!

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I know it sounds simple, but from personal experience, I can say it's easier said than done.  Professors put a lot into their lesson plans and missing class could mean content missed that is on the quiz leading you to fail the quiz beginning a long downward spiral.  Not going to class can also mean that you can’t turn in an assignment meaning it becomes either late or unable to be turned in at all. So you did a whole assignment only for it not to count towards your grade because you slept in.  The safer and smarter route to good grades is to sadly set the early alarm and make the long trek to UHall, you will thank yourself later.



Most professors give you a detailed syllabus at the beginning of each semester, use that to figure out when big assignments are due and avoid procrastination.  This also helps when it comes to planning a social life, for example maybe don’t buy this $100 festival tickets if you know you have a midterm that next Monday.  So get out your calendar and map out when the research papers are due and when your midterms and finals are. It will beneficial to see it all laid out and you won’t be surprised by any tests or quizzes.    



Like I said before, it is easy to avoid doing homework, so do it when it is assigned. I am a true procrastinator at heart so I sympathize.  No, I’m not saying do the whole project that night, but measure it out in pieces to get smaller parts done day by day. This can mean if you have a math exam in a couple weeks you can review the homework on the tested topics.  If given a study guide, you can start that the week of the exam and if you have any questions before you have the time to get help. By not procrastinating, you have more time to study and you give yourself the best chance to do your best on the exam. So by the time the test rolls around, you’ll have done everything you can to ensure you will be getting those good grades.  


GET HELP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqCCBohjaqA

You have so many resources at your disposal and some of them you’re paying a lot for, so use them.  First, you have your professors who are experts in their respective field and often would love to work with you if you’re having trouble.  You can reach them via office hours and if you can’t make those times, most are accommodating if you make an appointment. The Academic Resource Center is another tool, they provide tutoring in almost every subject and are there to help you.  Lastly, if you have friends in your class talk with them or friends who have already taken the class they can also be great resources especially if your professor is too intimidating to ask for help.



Don’t force yourself to sit for five hours and do nothing but write your essay or read your textbook, very few people can actually accomplish anything this way.  Now I can list a thousand different ways to study, but not everything works for everyone, so I recommend finding how you learn and retain information best and do that.  Whether that is taking a break every 20 minutes to stretch and move around or putting gummy bears on sections of your textbook to keep you reading. Whatever works for you take the time to find that because if studying is easier you’ll be more inclined to study and more studying equals better grades!



Where you study can affect the outcome of the study session as well, in the words of my father “You shouldn’t study in bed” and when I asked him to elaborate “sleeping hygiene principles say you should only use a bed for sleeping, therefore, no studying in bed.” One of the key pieces of advice from my dad in which I have sadly, already broken.  Thankfully there are many other places to study that are not your bed, exhibit A: your desk. Clear it off, make some space and get to work, but if your roommate is blasting Drake, you can head to your floor lounge and if that option is also compromised, I can guarantee the library will be a safe bet. An option I usually dismiss but it just as amazing is a random outside table.  I forget the weather is always perfect and so outside is a great choice as well. Besides your physical environment, music can also be beneficial or detrimental to solid studying. Personally, I recommend avoiding music with lyrics and this doesn’t have to mean classical, Spotify has some great focusing playlists that aren’t Bach or Beethoven.


I hope at least one of these tips are helpful to you, and that you can become a more confident student and get amazing grades.