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The 6 types of people you see at Fallapalooza

Back to school at LMU means free merch, new Lair employees, and the iconic Sunday music festival, Fallapalooza. Every year, the event draws out gaggles of glammed-up freshman girls, never-ending food truck lines, and endless Instagram content. What better way to spend the Lord’s day?

Here are the six types of looks you can expect to see at our very own Fallapalooza.

  1. The “I-don’t-even-skate”: We all know Thrasher shirts became a must-have item for many aspiring cool-kids. The flames across the front make it clear that you’re both stylish, and very very chill. A Thrasher shirt and booty shorts make for the perfect 70-something degree festival weather.

  2. The person who thinks it’s a real festival: Nothing says grit like wearing both a flower crown, and a body chain to Fallapalooza. Who cares if the venue is only a few hundred feet from your dorm- if there’s a stage and flashing lights, it calls for full-Coachella garb.

3. The clout goggle fam: How will anyone know to follow your SoundCloud if you’re not wearing these giant white glasses? They provide fantastic protection from the glaring sun, match any fit, and definitely round out your #influencer image. I actually kept an ongoing tally, and I think we made it to 11 sightings in half an hour.

4. The guys without shirts: Why do guys love taking off their shirts in public? Why is the sky blue? The disrobing of teenage boys seems to operate in almost an almost domino-effect. Once one rips off his Vineyard Vines cut-off, it’s game over.

5. The photoshoot-ers: As long as you score some cute pictures, it’s a day well spent. I’m a huge supporter of the no-shame photoshoots, and extra points if you got a picture on someone’s shoulders. I’d like to make a special shoutout to the girls who posed with their grilled cheeses for 10 minutes in the middle of the field, I hope you got the Instagram of your dreams.

6. The day drinkers: Sure there’s only three acts, it’s across from the church, and you’ll probably run into someone from your 8am, but mixed drinks and Fallapalooza seem to go hand in hand. Sunken Gardens is a great environment for cartwheeling and screaming “FALLA!” at the top of your lungs. #Thriving

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