6 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Dorm Room

By Maddie Mackler

It’s almost summer, and while we are all excited for a very long and adventurous summer break, there is one big chore that many students have to do before summer: cleaning out your dorm room. It’s sad to think that all of your hard work decorating your room to make it feel like home will eventually be gone, but accomplishing small feats to tackle the chore will reduce stress while you finish finals.


1. Stop buying things

Stop adding to your collection of ‘stuff’, and this will hopefully keep your work down to a minimum. Obviously still purchase essentials like food, but keep in mind how much you will be needing for the remaining amount of time of the semester.


2. Start as soon as possible.

This is more of a tip, as the end of the year sneaks up real quick. Moving out is just as chaotic as moving in, but the difference is you have all this time to help prepare to leave.



3. Use your breaks to start bringing stuff home

If you have any days off or remaining spring breaks where you will be going home, use them! Take home things that you know you will not be using for the rest of the year.


4. Pack away or donate things you will not wear.

An easy way to clean is to go through your closet and drawers. Pack away any colder weather clothes. Also, while going through your clothes, see what you will be willing to donate or throw away.


5. Look for expired makeup

Another way to manage clutter is to go through toiletries and makeup. These are products we tend to collect a lot of over time, especially with all the free samples given out on campus.  Check the expiration date and if you notice it’s past due, toss it.

6. Go through school supplies

This is good for studying too! Most of the time, a major source of clutter is the desk. As you prepare for finals, go through all of those papers you told yourself that you would need later on in the semester and see if you actually need them. By going through and analyzing all of your papers, you’ll review all the info you need, plus get more organized!


The more work you put into cleaning your dorm room now, the less you will have to worry on the actual move-out day. Trust me, the people helping you move out will be thankful you started early too. Good luck!