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5 Ways to Wear Peach This Summer

Working at Gap this summer, you definitely get the chance to keep up with the trends with each new shipment, each new collection and each new display. So, it wasn’t long before I recognized a pattern between the customers and the products we were offering in the color pink- well, peach. Basically, peach is the new pink and it’s the new reason why you can wear “pink” on other days aside from Wednesday.

And in the spirit of Mean Girls, it’s time for my weekly (ish) weather report. For those of you non-LA natives, you’ve returned back to school during the best week you possibly could. Aside from freezing classrooms and 70 degree suite rooms (where yes, I do wear a sweatshirt), the sun has returned to bless you with that last minute summery bronze glow and to warm the surface of your skin just enough before you begin to perspire. Basically, it’s just another stereotypical summer week where peach adds just the right amount of a contrast to give you an extra tanned glow before the wind picks up and trees start turning over autumn leaves.

And as always, here are several outfits I’ve thrown together for those pieces in your wardrobe that don’t quite fit under that Instagram #ootd umbrella, but are still cute and functional pieces that deserve to be on full display.

Outfit #1: Peach Blazer + Olive Green Jumpsuit + Camel Hat +Sunglasses

Outfit #2: Peach Pencil Skirt + Floral Blouse + Denim Chambray Shirt + Camel Hat + Sunglasses

Outfit #3: Peach Pants + Patterned Blouse + Straw Fedora + Sunglasses


Outfit #4: Peach Maxi Dress + Denim Chambray Shirt + Sunglasses + Straw Fedora


Outfit #5: Peach Blouse + Patterned Pajama Shorts+ Sunglasses + Straw Fedora

Want more ideas? Bright colors not really your thing? Stick with me weekly for different outfits for your kind of style whether it be boho, edgy, preppy or anything else you can think of. You’ll never have to waste an hour of your day thinking about what to wear for the week any longer because all you’ll need to do is just click and scroll through my future updates.


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