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5 Ways to Feel Put Together FAST


Let’s be honest: it’s easy to become overwhelmed in a matter of minutes, especially while in college. Life can happen really fast, and schoolwork piles up and makes us feel stressed! Feeling stressed is no fun (not to mention bad for our skin and our productiveness!). Whenever I am stressed, I tend to let things slide, and I become more lax about my attitude towards things. Below, I’ve listed five thing to do so you can feel put together fast, even if you’re stressed beyond stressed!


1. Make your bed


Seriously. It sounds basic, but this can help tremendously. First thing when you wake up, pull your covers over your bed and arrange your pillows. Now, every time you walk into your dorm/room, it will look much cleaner! Also, if your bed is made, you’re less likely to be tempted to take a midday nap!


2. Paint your nails


Whenever I’m stressed out, things like my nails tend to be the last of my concern. But, I always feel like a lady boss when my nails are on point. Either book a quick mani for yourself, or paint over your chips. Having fresh, not-chipped nails always makes me feel put together.


3. Drink a glass of water


Everyone’s always telling us we need to hydrate more or whatever. But seriously, this helps you feel better when you’re stressed! A lot of times, we’re so busy we forget simple things, even drinking water. Right now, chug a whole glass. You WILL feel more awake and refreshed. Also, carry a cute water bottle around with you to motivate yourself to hydrate more often!


4. Make a to-do list


I always feel more productive after making a to-do list. Even if I don’t actually accomplish the whole thing (or any of it), I still feel better seeing what needs to be done and knowing what’s most important. Plus, it feels good to be able to check something off!


5. Wear your favorite outfit.


If you’re dragging yourself out of bed for your 8 am or rolling out of bed at 3 pm, put on your favorite outfit! If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll feel more productive instantly. Of course, my Lulu’s are so comfy, but when I put on a pair of jeans and my favorite off the shoulder shirt I feel much more ready to take on the day!

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