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5 Tips to Help With Zoom Fatigue

Zoom school is...rough. And it’s not your fault! It’s been proven that Zoom requires you to work harder to pick up on social cues, which in turn makes you feel much more exhausted, especially when your day consists of multiple classes, club meetings, and the occasional Zoom birthday party. Here are some tips that I’ve found help me feel a lot better and get over my Zoom fatigue so I can get through the day without feeling totally drained. 



Stretching has become a lifesaver. It’s easy enough that I can fit in a quick session in between classes, or do a full yoga workout on YouTube after class. It makes me feel better not only mentally, but also physically after a long day sitting in front of my computer. 


Read a chapter in your book!

I loved reading as a kid, but for some reason I stopped once I got to high school. Zoom school has really allowed me to get back into reading. Not only do I now have more time, but it’s also helpful for my brain and my eyes to be able to focus on something that isn’t a screen for a little while. 


Eat A Snack!

Sometimes I leave my Zoom meeting feeling absolutely terrible. It isn’t until it occurs to me that the only thing I’ve eaten all day was an iced coffee before logging on, that I realize that I’m just hungry. Fueling your body is important and eating a snack can help you feel more energized and focused! 



I love walking. It helps me clear my mind and helps me take a break for myself without feeling guilty for not doing something “productive”. Sometimes all you need is to put in your earphones and just go wherever your feet take you. I always come back feeling mentally refreshed and motivated. 


Listen to a podcast!

I personally love podcasts and find that listening to an episode and just focusing on the story without having to look at a screen is really nice after staring at a screen for hours. 


I hope this list helps! Just remember that Zoom school is hard and that you're doing an excellent job! Have a great semester!

Maya is an LA native studying political science at Loyola Marymount University. She loves dogs, iced coffee, and Dodger baseball. 
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