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5 Things You Do When You See Your Crush

 There’s that special someone. Each time you see them you want to make a good impression so that maybe one day you two can date, fall in love ,and live happily ever after. Unfortunately there are some not-so-great things you happen to do when you see your crush.

1. Fall Down The Stairs


It has happened to all of us. You see your crush and start to imagine what your kids will look like and you just happen to miss all the stairs on the stair case. Hopefully your crush doesn’t see ,fo if they do maybe they’ll help you up, you guys look into each other eyes ,and fall in love.

2. Get A Better Look

It’s fine if you want to get a better look ,but it might look a little weird if you bring out your telescope to do so. Just make sure you aren’t too obvious when you’re trying to get a better look. Don’t get on tables…or buy binoculars…or fly a drone over their head….I’m not speaking from experience or anything.

3. Try your best to flirt

Flirting is hard ,and this is coming from someone with a predisposition to flirt with every cute guy I see.  There’s a fine line between flirting and being a total creep which I’m sure all of us have passed many times. The best tip I can give is to not flirt and be yourself and hope that’s enough! (It will be)

4.Pretend that you’re sooooo over them

You’re not over them. You’re just saying that because you want to get over them ,but who could get over that perfect smile,laugh and hair! I get it all your attempts at winning them over may have failed ,but you still have a little hope they might like you. Go for it …I mean YOLO right?

5.  Wave

At the end of the day ..this is how far 80% of us get. You may whisper a small “hello” and give a slight smile too. This is an amazing way to start though.  You start off with one word that turns into a sentence that transforms into a full conversation before you know it. So keep waving while you build up your confidence to say “I love you”….or “Hello” (You may want to say Hello first)


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