5 Things Only LMU Students From the Bay Area Understand

It seems crazy to meet someone six hours from home only to find out you live 20 minutes apart, but it happens all the time here. Meeting someone from the bay instantly bonds you. It is exciting to talk about all your favorite bay area hangouts and your favorite sports teams. Even better when you realize you have mutual friends.


1. You can’t go home for break without seeing someone from school

Whether it is on a plane or waiting in line at the airport you are guaranteed to see a fellow lion on your journey home.


2. People usually do not even have to ask where you're from

We are proud to rep the bay, so whether it's your Giants hat, or your overuse of the word “hella” most people don't even have to ask.


3. It took time to adjust to LA

You grew up with a very different idea of the words “city” and “beach”. It took you some time to condition yourself not to pack a windbreaker for a trip to the beach.


4. Sometimes it feels like you are out of state

Home seems so different and far away despite it being in the same state, you miss your friends, family, the beautiful scenery, and dare I say it even Karl the fog.


5. In the Southern versus northern California debate you just can’t pick a side.

You consider yourself lucky to experience so much of what California has to offer you love The Bay and LA!


By: Allie Crawford