5 Small Changes to Help the Environment

Our planet is nearing irreversible damage - all because of our society’s poor treatment of the Earth! Thankfully, more and more people are turning to sustainable practices. I know all this new information can be overwhelming, and that many people don’t know where to “start” when it comes to helping mother nature. So, here are some easy and small ways to start being sustainable; even the smallest of changes can have a big impact.

1. Use reusable grocery bags. You can get reusable bags for a super cheap and can use them at any store. Plastic is one of our biggest polluters, so we should try cutting back where we can. Using a reusable bag can also get you discounts at certain stores! Depending on what state you reside in, some stores will even charge you for plastic bags. Even more incentive to use reusable ones, right?! Saving money while also saving the planet sounds like a win-win to me. 

2. Unplug devices and chargers when they’re not in use. A huge way to waste energy is leaving chargers, power strips, and any other miscellaneous cords plugged into outlets when they aren’t being used. Just plugging in when you need to is a great way to be more sustainable!


3. Turn running water off when you don’t need it! This means when washing your face or brushing your teeth - don’t have the water running unless you’re actually using it. After all, we are in a drought, so saving any water we can is a big help.. 

4. Don’t idle your car. A main theme of this article is to limit the times you are using resources or spreading toxic waste. Having an ‘idle car’ means leaving it running while you’re just sitting around - like in a parking lot, for example. This bad habit spreads pollution and energy waste. Remember, it only takes a second to put your car in park!


5. Try to walk, bike, or carpool whenever possible. There are times when you just have to drive, and that’s totally okay! But when there’s an option to walk, bike, or carpool, you definitely should. Trains and busses are also great forms of mass transportation, but I know those aren’t always accessible to everyone.