5 Must Know Travel Tips

As my Instagram feed would say, 2019 is the year of catching flights, not feelings. Which is only appropriate considering that with the year not even halfway over, my travels have taken me to Portland, Seattle, and New Orleans, with a trip to London already booked. With so much travel in oh-so-little time, I've picked up some great tips. 

  1. 1. How does she do it?

    Unless you're independently wealthy or an influencer, traveling seems daunting because of the cost. My favorite websites for finding cheap flights are Scott's Cheap Flights, which offers a free newsletter informing you of incredible deals for international travel (we're talking $400 round-trip airfare to Europe!) and SkipLagged which helps assure that you get the cheapest fare for domestic flights. 


  2. 2. Invest in reusable TSA-approved travel bottles

    Sure, a bottle of travel size shampoo will only set you back a few dollars, but an entire set of bottles range from $9-$20, which in the long run saves you money by allowing you to reuse them instead of spending money on a brand new shower set every time you travel. Not to mention, this ensures that your skin care routine can remain intact, whether or not you have enough Glossier samples to travel cross country with you. 

  3. 3. Save room in your suitcase!

    ...by packing fewer shoes. I love shoes. Like, Carrie Bradshaw level love. Alas, I find that they take up WAY too much room in my suitcase, and with a fear of being outed as a Lizzie McGuire Outfit Repeater when posting my vacation pictures, I choose to spend that valuable real estate on clothes and limit myself to 1 or 2 pairs in addition to my airport sneakers. 

  4. 4. Take care of your skin!

    Travelling takes a toll on your skin. Between the dry plane air and the airport pollution, your skin can look lifeless in no time. I know it's hard to be that girl who wears a face mask on a plan, which is why I think that a quick skin care routine after disembarking is the key to a dewy arrival. My current favorites include a jade roller to depuff, Trader Joe's Hyaluronic Acid Serum to help re-gain moisture, eye cream to add moisture to the driest areas of the face, and Glossier Balm Dot Com to help with chapped lips and add a subtle highlight. 

  5. 5. Know what you want!

    This one is super obvious, and also good general life advice. Map out your must-visit attractions, places, and restaurants in the city that you're visiting. That way you know what takes priority in your itinerary, where you have to save in order to splurge, and what you want to get out of this trip and what can wait until your next trip. 

Bon voyage and see you at the airport!