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  Amazon Prime may be the best but worst thing that has ever happened to me.  At any hour of the day, I will have an Amazon tab opened on my laptop with a full cart.  Easy, fast delivery for basically anything you could imagine makes Prime the greatest invention by far in the 21st century. So naturally, when Fall rolls around and October 1st hits the calendar, shopping on amazon prime for the greatest fall finds becomes my first priority.  Amazon, however, can be overwhelming, so I’ve linked below my top 5 Amazon Fall Finds!!


Mules are SO IN for Fall and thank goodness, they are!!! They’re so quick and easy to slip on. A good mule is not as hard to find as you would think.  I found the perfect pair for fall, which is pictured below.  Black velvet with gold embroidery of a tiger, these mules are guaranteed to steal the show



A basic ball cap

I am such a hat girl. Whether it be a baseball cap or a floppy hat day, they are such an easy addition to spice up any outfit.  I found the cutest baseball cap linked below for just $13 on Amazon!!  I love the fit, color, and material- definitely worth the investment!

An oversized sweatshirt

With a newfound chill in the air, an oversized hoodie is my go-to when deciding my outfit for the day with little time to spare.  Amazon surprisingly has a lot of cute and trendy oversized hoodies, a few of which I have linked below. 


Pumpkin spiced everything

Warm drinks pretty much characterize fall and with that, pumpkin spice.  I love a nice, warm cup of tea before bed, a pumpkin flavored treat and spiced pumpkin delicacy as much as the next girl; however, without my car on campus, I don’t have the chance to go grocery shopping at a variety of stores. So, Amazon is a great way to get your pumpkin spice fix easy and quick!! 

Statement Scarf

A new, chilly breeze calls for a new accessory for fall…the scarf!  Amazon has such a variety of scarves that I fell in love with, it was hard for me to order just one!! I linked below a variety that are all under $10, such a great deal!  Living in LA I don’t need as thick of a scarf so these worked out perfectly as I was able to use it to accessorize and keep the goosebumps away.


Next time you catch yourself browsing Amazon aimlessly (me almost every day), take a chance to refer back to this article to find the cutest things Amazon has to offer this fall!!

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