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5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes


It’s that time of year where you’ve completely forgotten to buy a Halloween costume and now you have about 4 days to get one together.

But fear not! Below are 5 Easy, DIY, cheap costumes, that aren’t cheesy and basic from your local Party City, AND that you can put together yourself, from either your closet or buy from not so expensive stores!

1.Golden Alien

Pair this Forever 21 golden metallic skirt with a matching crop top for this alien look! (also available in a metallic blue)Add gold alien ears and then a shiny alien  makeup look to bring it all together! Here are some make up ideas: (or if you’re like me and are quite terrible at makeup, add gold glitter on your cheek bones and paint white stars within them with some sort of face paint; fill your eyelids with sparkly eye shadow and pair it with a dark lipstick)


2. Sandy from GREASE

Find your favorite high rise black pants (leather if possible) and skin tight off the shoulder black top for this classic look from the final scene in GREASE! Add a black belt with a gold buckle and any red heels! (Also makes a great couple costume if your partner wants to dress a Danny Zuko)

Don’t forget to curl that hair up! ;)


For a bad-ass Gladiator Costume, here are a few pieces for inspiration that will bring this character to life! Start with a bold body suit  (like this one from windsor) and cover it with a sheer, slitted maxi skirt! Accessorize with gold wrist cuffs and a head band head piece!

Add Bold Gold Accessories such as these:

4. Coca Cola Bottle:

Red Skirt:

Coca Cola BodySuit:

You can either dress it up with a pair of red or white heels/boots, or make it casual with a pair of red converse.

Accessorize with silver headband!

5. Where’s Waldo?

Throw on any red and white stripped shirt and blue shorts for an Easy Where’s Waldo look! Complete the look with round clear glasses and matching beanie!




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