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With a million choices of what to watch and where, it can be overwhelming to find the right show for you. So, if you are too busy to commit to a show with many seasons, here are a few recommendations for limited series or shows with only one season.


Normal People:

Normal People follows two people over several years, depicting the weaving in and out of each other’s lives through the various stages of their relationship. It depicts the complex yet wonderful nature of relationships, and how they can evolve over time. Without spoiling too much, this show is packed with love and emotion, making it a great show to get caught up in! While neither Hulu nor the show’s creators have confirmed season 2, there are rumors of a possible second season.


A Teacher:

A Teacher follows an affair between a high school teacher and her student. Starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson, A Teacher details the complexities of a teacher-student relationship. Filled with plenty of juicy drama to keep you invested, A Teacher is the perfect juicy show to delve into. According to Kate Mara, the main star, the series will remain a limited series as there will be no season 2.


The Undoing:

The Undoing is an intense psychological thriller series, based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’ book, “You Should Have Known.” Starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, this show takes you through a whirlwind of rumors and suspense. Full of drama, this show makes a great binge to get swept up in. While this still remains a “limited series” and there is no sequel to the book, there are rumors of a second season coming out. 


The Queen’s Gambit:

Originally based on Walter Tevis’ book, The Queen’s Gambit is a popular Netflix show that is great to watch with family or friends. It tells the amazing story of Beth Harmon and her love of chess. While the show is about chess, it also focuses on feminism and Beth’s struggle to succeed in a male-dominated world. Only one season long, The Queen’s Gambit is the perfect quarantine binge! 


The Society: 

The Society is a dystopian style show depicting a group of high schoolers in a time of crisis. Upon the return of their school field trip, they come back to find their town completely empty, with no adults in sight. As they try to investigate what happened to their family and friends, they must also figure out how to live alone. Constantly facing unforeseen challenges, they work together to fix their town. Filled with drama and action, The Society makes for the perfect watch.

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