4 Fun Things to Do with your Friends Over the Summer that Will Not Break your Bank Account

Summer is right around the corner, and I know I am not the only teenager who is excited to not have school work to do! However, a lot of the fun things teens like to do are not the cheapest, and since we are all poor college kids, it's great to be able to do fun activities with our friends that won't break our bank accounts. Luckily, I found five things that all teens can do with their friends that will make great memories and are definitely affordable!

Go to the beach

Pretty much everywhere in the U.S. has great summer weather and having a beach day (or multiple) with friends is a cheap way to have a great time! Most beaches have free entrance, and you can even bring your own food/drinks to have lunch or dinner, as well. There are endless things you can do on the beach, such as playing volleyball or football, swimming in the water, or laying out for a tan. All things that are FREE!

Take a mini road trip

If you can get a group together, going on a mini road trip can be cheap and super fun. You may all have to split the cost of gas money, but besides this, the rest of the trip can be free - as long as you do not stay overnight in a hotel. Driving to new places with some of your best friends is always a fun time, especially when you all are listening to your favorite music and jamming out!

Have a bonfire

Since most of us are returning home for the summer from our colleges, catching up with your best friends from high school is obviously a necessity. Getting all of your old pals together, circled around a fire, talking about your new lives and new experiences is such a calming, yet satisfying thing to do. It seems so simple, yet it is one of my personal favorite hang-out activities to do with my friends and family. 

Go to a drive-in movie 

With most drive-in movie theaters charging less than $5 a ticket, seeing a drive-in movie is way cheaper than going to a normal movie theater, and is much more fun and memorable. You can even bring your own snacks, blankets, and pillow to set up a cute area in the trunk of your car to get cozy with your friends! Drive-ins are also pretty much exclusive to the summer season, so you should utilize it when it is available!