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3 Noteworthy Skills You Can Add to Your Resume As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Calling all entrepreneurs looking to break into the beauty industry. I am here to inspire you with the story of Mary Kay Ash. More than 56 years ago, Mary Kay Ash launched her beauty empire, Mary Kay, with the intention of transforming the male-dominated workplace into a space that empowers women to fearlessly take the world by storm. As one of the pioneers for female entrepreneurship, Mary Kay Ash’s iconic career is especially unique because her legacy is ongoing: she creates millions of business opportunities for women through the Mary Kay business opportunity. Here are three noteworthy skills you can add to your resume after pursuing this opportunity. 

Time Management

Because the Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant program is open-ended, you choose the amount of time you invest in your business. Consultants have the flexibility to start out on a part-time basis if they wish to supplement their full-time job or pursue the opportunity full-time. But whether you are working part-time or full-time, you are responsible for allocating your work hours to meet specific deadlines. Maintaining work-life balance is often harder than the work you are doing in any job with this level of flexibility, so it is incredibly impressive for employers to come across this skill on a resume. Your experience managing your time as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant is sure to be an excellent talking point for a job interview!

Interpersonal Communication

In a career like Mary Kay, success can be attributed in part by your interactions and communication with others. Therefore, it is very valuable for consultants to possess strong interpersonal communication skills that set them apart from the average salesperson. Rather than being pushy, consultants are encouraged to approach new clients with a loving and caring spirit because they want them to feel welcomed by the Mary Kay family. Not every salesperson is capable of succeeding in a profession that demands empathy, patience, and charisma, which is why Mary Kay can help you stand out in the eyes of many employers. 

Team Building

When you build your business from the ground up like a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you rely on your ability to build and strengthen your network. But what worth does your network hold if you do not take the time to uphold relationships with clients? A consultant knows how to follow up with connections and foster relationships on a different level than a salesperson. They uphold their relationships to high standards by forming genuine relationships. By keeping their client’s best interests in mind, consultants can tailor their products to their specific needs so it ultimately becomes a win-win for everyone. An employer will likely be impressed by a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant’s ability to responsibly build her team with reputable integrity.

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Natalie Farrell is a Senior at Loyola Marymount  University pursuing a double degree in Dance and Communications Studies. Along with being the President of HCLMU, Natalie was a Talent Management Intern for an entertainment agency and stylist for Free People. She is interested in the fine and performing arts indstury, journalism, and health and wellness space. Explore her porfolio below.
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