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The 3 Best Secret Study Spaces at LMU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

3. The Tables Outside McKay Hall

If you aren’t aware of the outdoor area outside of McKay, it’s probably because you’ve never made the long trek over there. However, it’s one of the best secret study spots on campus. It’s always nicely shaded and there’s never any shortage of free space. You can sit on an outdoor couch to finish that lengthy reading or one of the many tables.


2. The U-Hall Tables

This isn’t exactly a secret location, but if you’re lucky enough to snag a table in UHall, it can be a great place to get some work done. The third floor also has some great tables and study areas further back that aren’t always as crowded.


1.Shea Garden

This is hands down the best place to study outdoors. It’s always completely empty and totally silent, except for the fountain. It’s a great place to study, read, or write. Roski Dining Hall is also located right inside and offers the perfect place to grab lunch with friends and take it outside.