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3 Best On-Campus Spots for a Photoshoot That Aren’t the Bluff

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

It’s no mystery that the Bluff is incredible for studying, contemplating life, just admiring the view, and of course, taking photos. But as students on the 17th most beautiful campus in the country (Princeton Review, 2018), we must believe there are other grounds (literally) for capturing breathtaking photos aside from the norm.


Taken by me


Just behind the Loyola Marymount University sign denoting the presence of the LMU campus lies a garden of hot pink flowered bushes. Because they’re reasonably tall, these bushes are perfect for anyone and serve as an ideal background for those who wish to radiate positive vibes.


Taken by me

Photo by Carter Pon


Near the back entrance of LMU by the parking lot in Alumni Mall and just behind the field on which the rugby team practice (and over the river and through the woods) towers this wall of orange flowers. Although similar to the aforementioned pink flowers, this photo location consists of warmer tones and might be preferable for the classic fall effect (you know, if you’re into that, given that California doesn’t really have seasons).


Taken by me of Carton Pon.


Located behind U Hall and up the stairs, you can find a courtyard with a dirt path. Eventually, you’ll find yourself at this spot, which is perfect for those beautiful LA sunsets. The modeling opportunities on that cement step are endless. Hashtag golden hour, honestly.


If we’re being real, though, you’re already a stunning human being and this is a stunning campus, so you’re set wherever you decide to take photos.

Sophomore Film/TV Production major and Screenwriting minor at LMU from Michigan. When not in class, watching a movie, or writing an article, can be found drinking iced coffee, playing classical guitar, trying new restaurants, or belting lyrics at a concert.