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18 Bachelorette Secrets Straight from Kaitlyn Bristowe

1. Her and Shawn are still very much in love, but have not set a wedding date yet.


2. Her real true love is their golden retriever named Doodle, she could not stop gushing about how cute he is. (Follow her and Shawn on Snapchat to see more).



3. She originally put in an application to be on Juan Pablo’s season of the Bachelor, but did not get the spot. ABC then called her back to come on Chris Soules’ season, which thankfully didn’t work out for her since she then got to be the Bachelorette. (I mean who could forget this heartbreaking moment when Chris sent her home in Bali?)


4. She still keeps in touch with some other contestants from Chris’s season. She says she Facetimes Whitney once a week and still talks to Becca occasionally… how cute!


5. Now that she does not have a contract with ABC, she feels she can talk about everything. Especially how the producers manipulated things to look a different way than they actually were. She told us how it could be week six of the show, but the producers would have her change back into her dress from night one to say something about one of the guys so that they could edit it into the episode. (I mean..crazy right?!)

6. Speaking of the first night, she says it is the longest night ever. It starts at 8pm so that it is dark outside but does not finish until 8:30 in the morning. No wonder why everyone is so crazy.. they don’t get to sleep or eat but are given tons of alcohol. I’m tired just thinking about it.

7. It’s impossible to memorize all the guys names on the first night, so she goes in private to make a list in order of who she will call out to give a rose. She memorizes three names then goes out to the rose ceremony to say them and then goes back to the room to memorize the next three names..sneaky!


8. She knew Shawn was the one from the beginning, so the producers would not give her as much time with him on their dates, because they wanted her to spend more time with the other guys. Can you blame her for knowing she wanted Shawn? He was the fan favorite from day one!

9. When it comes to dates she had no say in picking them, but her favorite date with Shawn was when they got to play golf together.. maybe because she made him take his clothes off. 


10. Her favorite memory from behind the scenes was getting to hang out and drink with Amy Schumer. I mean that’s every girl’s dream right?


11. Another favorite from the show was when she went hot tubbing with Jimmy Kimmel.


12. An inside secret, they are told to eat dinner before the date actually starts. The food is just there on the table to look nice, no one ever actually eats it.


13. The contestants have to pack all their own clothes, but the Bachelorette is given clothes to wear. When Kaitlyn was on Chris’ season she said she spent a huge amount of money on clothes. They also don’t tell you where you are going so you have to pack for every weather. Every girl’s worst nightmare!


14. When you are a contestant you are also not allowed to have your phone, which mean you can’t call your family or keep up on the news. As the Bachelorette she was able to watch TV, but she couldn’t call her family.

15. On a show filled with drama, she said Nick and Shawn’s feud was not as bad as it looked on TV. They didn’t hate each other THAT much.

16. Who could forget the famous snapchat she posted on her story of her and Shawn before the final episode aired? She feels ABC will never forgive her for releasing the snapchat and said that she could have been sued for $5 million because that was the amount in her contract.


17. The most important question of the night… what does Kaitlyn think of Nick being the next Bachelor? She says she has positive things to say about him, but she has a theory that he will not actually end up being the Bachelor. She thinks Luke will come in on night one saying he deserves the spot and then Nick will be made the runner-up again. Hmm.. I wonder how Nick would feel about that?


18. Lastly, how awesome Kaitlyn is! She says whatever is on her mind and has an amazing sense of humor. 

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