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16 Gifs that Are Totally You

1. Whenever you walk into class

2. When someone is talking about feminism 

3. Every morning when you wake up 

4. You when your friend is more concerned with a man’s opinions than embracing their beautiful self 

5. Every woman all year 

6. Your New Year’s Resoulution

7.When your friend does anything cool 


8. You when someone says something sexist

9. How you’re going to feel always 

10. Also how you’re going to feel always

11. Attitude for 2018

12. When someone excludes LGBTQ and people of color in their feminism 

13. When you’re proud of a fellow woman

14. When someone in your sorority embodies your values 

15. When you see someone wearing a “Girl Power” shirt

16. When someone even suggests that they don’t believe in you


Lizzie Bromley is a sophomore studying Journalism at Loyola Marymount University. She is in a sorority, CPC VP of Communications and Marketing, involved in Campus Ministry, and the VP of Social Media for Greek Light. She has passions for writing/blogging, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching The Office.
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