11 Types of Friends In Your Girl Squad

Every girl has her squad of certifiably insane, completely over the top, Beyoncé level boss ladies. No squad would be complete without these 11 types of friends and each of their one of a kind personalities

1. The Scholar Athlete

We all have that one member of the squad who somehow won the ultimate lottery with her ridiculous talent both on the court and in the classroom. She’s somehow manages to effortlessly slay her 6 AP classes while participating in 3 Varsity sports. We never know which to keep up with, her near perfect GPA or the state records she breaks on a regular basis.


2. The Musical Genius

Whether it be creating fire playlists, discovering the dopest remixes on Soundcloud, or getting hired as the DJ at all your squad events, this friend never wants to give up the AUX chord for a very good reason: her taste in music is impeccable. Before you can even say it, she is already playing your favorite song as you and your squad are all getting ready in her room for a squad GNO. From throwing it back to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston to current day anthems like Jessie Gylnne’s “Kill the Lights”, one thing is for sure- your squad will NEVER lose in a round of karaoke.

3. The Young Prophet

This is the girl of the group who could easily be the next Oprah. Although she does not have her own talk show, she certainly could, since she always knows the right things to do and say in any given situation- just like any modern day motivational speaker . She is the lightbulb in a pitch-black room, and we would be the blind leading the blind if it weren’t for her words of wisdom.


4. The Mom

Just like our biological moms, our squad mom provides the group with unconditional love, guidance, and praise. She is constantly looking out for and putting the needs of other fellow squad members before her very own. Although she may be the one who always takes care of others, she still knows how to let loose. All moms need a night off duty, am I right ladies?

5. The Nasty Woman

This member of the squad puts the “girl” in “girl squad”. She preaches female empowerment and self-love to those around her. Not to mention, she has mastered the art of being an untouchable boss lady in everything she does. Ultimately, she is a living testimony to the old-time playground saying, “Girls rule and boys drool”.


6. The Sherlock Holmes

The first person to know anything and everything is this member of the squad. She’s always in the loop of the latest gossip, finds the dirt on your ex-boyfriend’s new girl, and solves all mysteries pertaining to the squad. Although she may not be the friend to call when you want to bury the body, she certainly will be the one to destroy all the evidence so no one else is capable of solving the squad’s murder mystery.

7. The Last to Leave the Party

You just called an uber home from the party for your squad and have taken a headcount before getting in the car. You notice one member of the squad is MIA and go back into the party to retrieve your friend. But you don’t need to look much further because as soon as you get inside, there she is dancing on a table yelling: “ELLLEEEVVAATTTEEDDD SSSUURRFFFAACCESSS”. Yup, there’s no one quite like this member of the squad and there’s no way to get her to back down from a dance party.


8. The Pink Starburst

Have you ever met anyone who dislikes the pink Starburst? Of course not. Similarly to the pink Starburst, we all have that one member of our squad that everyone can agree that they love. Whether it’s her good energy, smile on her face, or beams of positivity, it’s almost impossible to dislike this gal in our bunch. While we aren’t technically supposed to pick squad favorites, she certainly would come close.

9. The Self-Made Miracle

Just when you think you’re a mess, this member of the squad is there to remind you that she is literally a walking travesty. Whether she constantly trips over her untied shoes, sleeps through six alarms and ends up missing her 8am class, is too lazy to put her salad for lunch in a Tupperware so she instead puts it in a bag, or loses her student ID after her first college game day, she is always in a constant state of, “the struggle is real.” But by the grace of some unforsaken miracle, she still manages to keep it together in one disheveled mess- and we absolutely adore her for it.


10. The Cardi B

Could you imagine if you lived your life as your alter ego that comes alive the second you hear the opening tune of “Bodak Yellow” in the club? This member of the squad easily could. She’s undeniably the fiercest girl around who isn’t afraid to not only spill that truth tea, but spill it alllllllllllll over you. She’s ready to fight for her rights at any given cost, even if it means someone’s gotta hold her hoops in the middle of the club.  And she certainly would have no problem wearing her enemies’ blood on her “bloody shoes”.

11. The Glue

Having saved the very best for last, there simply would be no “squad” if it weren’t for this valuable member of the group. She is the mediator for all the dramatic fights, keeps the squad on time for all squad events, and makes sure that every member of the squad is reminded that “you is smart, you is kind, you is important”. She’s the sole reason your squad’s absolutely insane world is still standing on its axis, so now it’s time to remind her that SHE is smart, kind, and important to the function of your group.