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10 Tips to Deal With Homesickness


The most common feeling college students report is being homesick. It’s definitely tough being away from home, without mom’s special soups, and away from dad’s warm hugs. Having been away from home for 6 years now, I believe I can officially call myself an expert at overcoming homesickness. Here are some tips to overcome homesickness.


1. Try to stay around people as much as you can

It’s good to be around people when you feel down because it’s takes your mind off topic. Go out and enjoy the city you’re in. Make sure you actually like the people you’re around; find people that make you happy and who enjoy similar things as you.


2. Ask your mom to send you a little care package from home

When I receive little packages from mom, it definitely does make me miss home, but it also reminds me that I’m a day closer to being home.


3. Keep in touch with your family members with Skype or FaceTime

Sharing details about your day or week with your family can definitely make you feel closer to them. You might miss home but it’ll make you feel safe and secure, especially if you’ve had a bad day!


4. Make a comfortable space for yourself at school

Find few spots on campus that make you feel energetic or thankful. Spending time there even for 10 minutes can change your mood instantly.


5. Stay connected to your friends from high school and your hometown

Two of my best friends aren’t in the same city as me, yetI still manage to talk to them almost every day because they are going through the same thing as me. I also don’t think anyone understands me as much as my two best friends do. Connect with your friends, as they’ll probably be able to put a smile on your face instantly.


6. Stay positive and remember to stay strong

Your parents will be a 100x more upset if you’re upset. Stay positive and treat yourself with  something you love, for instance if grilled cheeses make you happy, then eat one! Treating yourself is an excellent way to pull you out of your sadness.


7. Remember that you’re not the only person to feel homesick

So many college kids just like you miss home, and are sharing similar troubles and thoughts. Think about this for a second; chances are you’ll feel a weight off your chest once you realize you aren’t alone.


8. Do things that remind you of home  

For me, that involves cooking Indian food as it makes me miss home less, or sometimes I end up watching a bollywood movie. I also love having gossip sessions with my mom once in awhile. Maybe facetime your cousins or siblings- they can be an excellent support system if you let them.


9. Do things that make you happy

Meet up with your boyfriend for the weekend, or go to the beach to see the sunset. If you love shopping, head to a new mall, or go and see some adorable puppies at a dog park. Also remember that eating ice cream can go a long way.


10. Just give it time

I know this is the most cliche advice of all time, but trust me if you follow these tips, time will fly by, and before you know it you’ll be back at home eating pie and celebrating christmas with your family.


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