10 Reasons Not to Have a Snapchat Streak with Someone

Snapchat has become one of the most used social media accounts, especially with its feature of having “streaks”. A streak is when you have been snapchatting a person for a specific amount of days in a row. This started off as such a cool way to see how many days in a row you snapchat the same people; however,  it has turned into getting the highest amount of days and not just talking to the person in general. This has caused some very questionable streaks, so I am going to give you 10 reasons to just end that streak if this happens to you.


10 Reasons:

1. If the daily snap streak consists of sending the other person blurry snaps of the floor as you walk = no streak!

2. If you and the other person no longer talk to each other, but just send random pictures to keep the streak going = no streak!

3. If you meet someone once in person, but never see them again = no streak!

4. If you no longer speak in person because it just becomes awkward = no streak!

5. If you send the other person a BLACK screen with just an S = no streak!

6. If you have 40+ streaks… cause let’s be honest, no one has that many close friends = no streak!

7. If the hourglass causes you unnecessary stress and panic to keep the streaks = no streak!

8. If your friend yells at you for losing the streak by accident = no streak!

9. If the only form of communication you have with the person is through snap = no streak!

10. If you never send personalized snaps to anyone and it is all mass snaps = no streak!


Thank you for reading, and I hope this improves your snaps and makes them more special! :)