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10 Must Try Ice Cream Places in LA

Even though it may be winter, let’s be honest, it’s still 75 and sunny in Los Angeles. What better way to embrace the year-long summer and sun than with a cone of the yummiest ice cream in town?


1. McConnell's

McConnell's is as classic and as California as an ice cream place can get. After all, it did originate in Santa Barbara 70 years ago. From the traditional flavors to the friendly smiles on everyone’s faces, McConnells is what every ice cream place should be.


2. Salt and Straw

Salt and Straw is the opposite of ordinary. Every month, Salt and Straw changes their menu and surprises their customers with something even more unexpected than before. Caramel and Turkey Ice Cream for Thanksgiving? Yep. Salt and Straw had that as one of their featured flavors for the month of November.


3. Sweet Rose Creamery

Sweet Rose Creamery is that place you go to when you want your life to be like a scene from a movie. From the cute tiles that line the floor to the adorable games set up at every table, when you’re at Sweet Rose Creamery you feel as though you are Noah and Allie enjoying some ice cream cones on a sunny day in South Carolina.


4. N’ice Cream

What’s better than getting to pick your own serving size of something sweet and being only a few minutes away from campus? That’s right - hardly anything. N’ice Cream is a self-serve gelato shop that is sure to put a smile on your face, whether that be on a weekend night or as a quick pick me up in between classes.  


5. Ginger’s Divine Ice Cream and Pops

Ginger’s Divine Ice Cream took an old Culver City house and turned it into a hip ice cream shop. Not only do they serve ice cream and pops, but they also have other amazing desserts.


6. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni’s is that ice cream place that fills with both hipsters and little kids alike. Jeni’s ice cream is smooth, delicious, and classic. And best of all, they deliver!


7. Carmela Ice Cream

All of Carmela’s Ice Cream is made in Pasadena, but since Pasadena is quite a trip, you can go to their location on 3rd Street! If you are a big ice cream fan, you can even take classes at Carmela’s on how to make some of their signature ice creams!


8. Afters Ice Cream

I don’t know what’s better, their clever name or their amazing flavors! Afters truly is the best place to go after absolutely anything, whether that be class, dinner, or a party.


9. Sloan’s Ice Cream

Anyone and everyone who walks into Sloans feels like a kid in a candy store. The bright pink walls, the checkered floor, and that smell of every sweet imaginable being in one shop is something you can only get here. Warning: you’re going to feel overwhelmed and will want to buy absolutely every ice cream flavor and candy bar you lay your eyes on.


10. MILK


Odds are, you have seen this place all over your Instagram feed. Yep, this is the place with the ice cream stuffed macarons, ice cream bars, and yummy looking milkshakes. If you want ice cream in any form, MILK most likely has it.


I'm Simona and I'm from Los Angeles! I am double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Outside of school, I love going out with friends, traveling, and going on spontaneous adventures.
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