Hot On Campus: Stiletto Nails


Okay, so you’ve been out the night before (2 for 1 cocktails in Chameleon? You couldn’t help yourself!), and now you’ve jumped up late. You’ve barely got time to jump in the shower, let alone run a brush through your hair and make yourself look presentable! Don’t fret, our new ‘Hot on Campus’ trend means that even on your worst ‘bad hair day’ or that day you run out of your ‘go-to foundation’ you’ll still look HOT! Seen on the most gorgeous of celebs, I present to you… stiletto nails. 

You’ll never be seen without your make-up? No, no, no, you should never be seen without your nails! Stiletto nails started out as a Halloween fad, but they’re now as popular as your favourite MAC lipstick; Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Jessie J and Gaga are all HUGE fans of this upcoming trend. They’re such an unusual, bold style that they’re noticeable immediately – and it’s because they’re bold, that even bare-faced with your hair slapped back, you still feel relatively ‘made up’ …because claws like this say ‘I MADE AN EFFORT’.

How much, you say? Like we’d tease you with all this, if we didn’t think they were affordable! At the most, you’ll pay around £28 – now I know that a fair few of you will have hugged your purses on hearing that news, but think of it this way…  I’ve had my current set of nails on for just over a month! No breakages, no cracking, nada! After all those 9am lectures, you and your nails deserve a treat. “Stiletto nails are versatile - the perfect addition to a night out, or a way to make yourself feel better when you feel like doing nothing but curling up in your comfiest sweats?”

Can’t justify stiletto nails? Student loan simply won’t stretch? Treat yourself to a few new nail varnishes instead!