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An Alternative Night Out: The Lantern Theatre


Tired of the tequila and hangovers? Looking for a ‘classy’ night out? Then what better place to start than The Lantern Theatre, located on Blundell St, just a twenty minute walk from Liverpool Uni, and ten minutes from Concert Square (for those of you who can’t deny the temptations of Ca Va).

The Lantern Theatre is small, but still charming, and is fast becoming the home for new plays and playwrights. They offer a range of acts, including a recent production of Shakespeare’s classic Othello, the play which I saw when first discovering the adorable theatre!

The first thing you notice about the Lantern Theatre is its size, walk past the building too quickly and you won’t even notice it’s there, but it’s definitely worth the second glance. Once you’ve entered the building, and made your way up the narrow staircase, the room opens up into the endearing bar. It is here where you can buy or collect tickets, and get a (surprisingly reasonably priced) drink. The bar itself is lit mainly by candles, all of which are placed in old wine bottles on small tables dotted around the room.

Then it’s through to the main room, again a little space, with just enough room for stage and a small audience (no more than 50). However, despite this, the play did not disappoint, and lived up to its high reviews. The theatre can be found on Trip Advisor with a rating of 4.5, and comments such as ‘Hidden Gem’. The cast portrayed an interesting take of Othello, with a great mix of humour and tragedy.

However, towards the end of the play, noise from the neighbouring bar caused some disruption and clearly distracted some of the actors. Although this clearly took away some of the attention from the play, the actors carried on and it was soon easy to ignore the music coming through the wall.

But, despite this, I would still recommend the Lantern Theatre, a small and charming place, reasonably priced and well worth the money. And better still, I woke up the next day feeling fresh and hangover free. 

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