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Years ago, a magazine wouldn’t dare to put a model on the cover who wasn’t a size 4 or smaller. Now, in 2021 you’re going to see what people consider “plus-size” on a page and or even the cover. Even though society finally accepts plus-size women for who they are not how they look many clothing brands don’t. Many clothing brands still don’t see that plus-size women deserve to feel and look as good as “skinny girls”. Many brands don’t put as much effort as they should into the plus-size section of their stores. The clothes are plain, ugly and, disrespectful if you ask me. 

Being a plus-size woman, I tend to have to go above and beyond to find clothes that flatter my figure and still allowed me to express myself because that’s what fashion is all about. Female musicians and models like Lizzo and Rihanna always showcase their love for the plus-size community. Lizzo being a plus-size woman herself wears what she wants, where she wants and, how she wants. Rihanna recently featured plus-size models in her latest Savage x Fenty college and the internet went CRAZY. The plus-size community and others were in full support and were ecstatic to see that she finally did what many designers in the industry are scared to do. 

Many clothing brands need to stop treating the plus-size section like the elderly section at ross because we are here to stay, and we are ready to take over the fashion industry brand by brand. 



Taliah Matthews is a current sophomore at Lincoln University studying Mass Communications. One day she hopes to be a successful News Anchor. After, being a News Anchor for sometime she would like have her own talk show and or radio show. She loves fashion, graphic design, makeup and dancing.
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