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Transitioning Your Fashion from Summer to Fall

Transitioning from fall to summer can be hard when it’s still 80 degrees outside, especially here in New York City when you are walking so much. Although it’s still hot out, there are ways you can still look cute. For example, wearing a sundress with some little booties is the perfect outfit its light and easy since its hot out but the booties will give a little bit of a fall feel to it. On the other hand, at night it’s been getting a little chilly. Take the outfit stated above and at night just throw on a jean jacket!


 Another great transitioning outfit is boyfriend jeans. Jeans are light enough so you won’t be warm throughout the day and you can even roll them up with a t-shirt or light sweater with some cute shoes. Wearing outfits like these will keep you looking cute and casual while still making sure to keep cool during warmer days. Have you ever found yourself carrying a huge purse that’s extremely heavy? Try and avoid this at all costs to avoid becoming sweaty from carrying around so much extra weight. Instead try using a cross body purse and really take the time to put what you truly need in it rather than filling a huge bag with things you don’t need. 


Another thing you should be thinking about during the change of seasons is makeup. During the fall, try to steer away from bright neon lipsticks and Dewey eyelids. The fall is  time for dark bold lips. Don’t be scared of bold lips, it makes an outfit. One of my favorite Fall eyeshadow palettes is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. This palette has great brown shades and some shimmer that you can add to your crease. There is even a great dark brown color that you can use for the eyeliner. As far as lip colors go, a great fall color from MAC is number A15, Kinda Sexy; It’s a great shade that is natural enough but still makes a statement. 



South Florida born, New York City living and loving it. I study fashion at LIM College I love fashion, fitness, healthy living, and my family and friends.
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