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#ThatAwkwardMoment: Sisters on Tinder

Picture this: you’re flipping through one of those dating apps and you come across a message from a very cute guy.  You’re super excited and so you message him back.  As you’re talking, you both realize you went to the same high school but graduated in different years and therefore never crossed paths.  Things seem to be going well as you continue to talk. 

 You decide to tell your sister about the guy you’ve been talking to and she tells you she has been talking to a guy also through a dating app.  You are both doing some stalking together once you realize they both went to your high school.  

Your guy is in Florida for the week visiting his parents with a friend.  Your sister’s guy is also in Florida with a friend doing the same thing.  You and your guy are friends on Facebook so you decided to stalk his profile and see if he posted anything.  His most recent status is about going to Florida and he tagged his friend.  You click on his friend and bring up pictures to show to your sister.  You both make the realization that they are best friends, although from two different graduation years, therefore, you didn’t make the connection the first time.  You both choose not to tell them and see if they will bring it up to you.

They both come back from Florida and so you all choose to meet up, separately of course. You and your guy hang out a few times and then the biggest douche move of all happens, ghosting.  You then think to yourself “well this is exactly why I never date anyone from home” and you try to move on.  

Your sister, on the other hand,  has a better time with her guy.  They make plans for him to go up to her school and visit her along with plans for her to visit him for an auction his college baseball team is holding.  He takes her out for a Valentine’s Day dinner, as they will not be able to celebrate together, and during dinner asks her to be his girlfriend.  They are now officially dating and you just think about how much you are dreading to meet him.  

Let’s backtrack a little bit.  On one of your sister and her boyfriend’s dates, there was a little epiphany.  While they were out, your sister’s boyfriend received a text from his friend, the guy you were seeing, about just leaving your house after hanging out.  He then proceeded to make a surprised face and your sister asked what happened.  

At this moment he tells her the story of how he and his friend figured out they were talking to sisters.  He swears that there was nor is any type of competition and it happened out of nowhere.  Side note: even if his friend is a d-bag, you both do fully believe them with this.  

He also proceeded to tell her that his friend isn’t the best with girls.  In his conversation with her, he stated that he hated the way his friend treats girls and for you to be careful not knowing that his friend had already done his damage.  

Now back to them dating.  Your sister is home for the weekend and decided to invite her boyfriend over.  You’re in no way ready to meet the best friend of your ex-fling and therefore do everything in your power to avoid him, but you can only avoid him so much as he is over your house while you are home.  

Then, unfortunately, you meet him.  All that can come out of your mouth once you are introduced to each other is “yes I know” and “We’re not stupid” talking about your sister and yourself.  You realize after the fact that it was a little harsh but everyone has to realize that your ex-fling is a fresh wound and you did not meet his best friend/ your sister’s boyfriend on your terms.  You tell her to apologize to him and that you’re just still pissed at his friend.  You know he has absolutely nothing to do with it, but it will forever be awkward for you.   All in all, you will properly meet him one day and hope that you don’t cross paths with your ex-fling in the process.  

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