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Meet Jonna Hyatt

Name: Jonna Hyatt

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Sparta, Missouri [Population: 1,400… Lol. :)]

Major: Masters of Professional Studies in Fashion Marketing

CM : Why did you choose LIM to complete your graduate degree?

JH: I have always had a love for New York. When looking into furthering my education in the fashion industry, I was not really sure where to start. I thought to myself, “I know I can study marketing anywhere, but is there a place that emphasizes on business AND fashion?” With that being said, I sat in on a few classes while I was living in the city in 2014, and fell in love with it. The small intimate setting where students and professors can dive into great conversation about the industry made me realize that I would be back as a real student!

CM: You’re the Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant for Boy Meets Girl. Can you tell us a little bit about Boy Meets Girl and how you got the job?


What – Boy Meets Girl can be described as a contemporary athleisure brand that is all about instilling confidence, while giving off a fun, spunky vibe. From advocating for causes to celebrity connections, Boy Meets Girl has been seen on Kendall Jenner, Justine Skye, Nina Dobrev, and more.

How – Two words: social media. As an undergraduate student in 2014, I was really looking for a way to work in the fashion industry outside of retail. Boy Meets Girl had followed me on Twitter, so I decided to check out their profile since the account is verified. I went to the website and fell in love with the “athleisure” vibe and the overall message of the brand. I tweeted to them about potential internships, and they responded! I interviewed with the Creative Director/Founder, Stacy Igel, and a few weeks later received the “You got the job!” e-mail. I interned there for a summer, became a Brand Ambassador for two years, and after I graduated from college – came straight to NYC to work for the brand while earning my graduate degree.

CM: Can you tell us a little bit more about what a Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant for a fashion brand entails?

JH: My role with Boy Meets Girl is very diverse. Social scheduling, influencer coordination, website maintenance, product launch assistance, some market analyzation, maintaining the Boy Meets Girl University initiative and some administrative duties. The brand is currently growing at a rapid rate, which means that I usually add a new task to my belt almost every day! My boss is all about learning-by-doing, and I think that’s helped me expand my skill-set.

CM: Where do you see social media in fashion going in the future?

JH: My boss and I discuss this all the time. Right now, people have all of these applications for photography, career connection, status updates, humor, and more. From Instagram to Twitter, they are all starting to crossover. Instagram now has Snapchat-like features, and several platforms now have a “live” option. Eventually, one application will dominate the market – it’ll be interesting to see who. :)

CM: What do you hope to do post grad?

JH: I love what I am currently doing. It is fascinating to realize that social media is so much more than just posts and hashtags. There is a lot of critical thinking, timing analysis, and analytical reasoning that goes into having success with social media platforms for a brand. With that being said, I would like to grow into becoming a Digital Marketing Manager.

CM: Do you have any advice for students hoping to break into the industry?

JH: Do not be afraid to reach out. Connecting with a brand through a social platform may not seem like the best way to connect, but it put me where I am today!  Start internships NOW. It is never too early, and be prepared to do the grunt work (with a good attitude). Also, if you really want to help a brand succeed, you have to believe in what it stands for – then it will thrive with you.



Casey Miller is a graduate student studying Fashion Marketing at LIM College. While living New York City she has interned for two national magazines as well as womenswear designer Christian Siriano. She also runs her own blog and is a digital influencer for Cosmopolitan Magazine's Social Patrol. For all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle check out her blog www.frombeginningtotrend.com.
"Jonna M. Hyatt is a Masters in Professional Studies in Fashion Marketing Student, as well as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant for the women's contemporary athleisure brand, Boy Meets Girl. Check out the brand Jonna is working for at https://www.boymeetsgirlusa.com." For the not so formal introduction - I'm a tall blonde who just so happens to have an unhealthy obsession with french fries and Blake Lively. I cheered in college, but I'm working on transitioning into a new work-out routine. If you have a method that includes eating Sprinkles Cupcakes, I'm listening. P.S. - If you're looking for someone to complain about Missourian things that New York is missing - I'm your girl.  XO, Jonna 
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