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How to Make Summer Fashion Work Into Your Fall Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LIM chapter.


            Transitioning from summer to fall fashion to most people can be tricky but it really isn’t. your summer clothes can still work for fall in ways. Here in New York it’s still humid and hot out. But since its already mid-September it feels like fall and, we all want it to be fall weather. But still in this weather you can incorporate more fall items into your summer outfits.

            For example, wearing a big oversize sweater with jean shorts and little booties is a perfect outfit for this transitioning season. It’s still cute in a summer look but also ready for fall. But it all really depends on the weather because some days it’s nice and windy out so it’s okay to wear a big oversize coat with shorts or even pants but maybe with a crop top or a t shirt.

            It is finally starting to get a little cooler out here in NYC which is nice, so when I wear a sweater or boots I’m not sweating. The main thing about fashion and style is you really have to wear what you like and what you want to wear. Fashion should always have been fun and enjoyed, it’s all about being yourself and loving what you wear. 



South Florida born, New York City living and loving it. I study fashion at LIM College I love fashion, fitness, healthy living, and my family and friends.