The Hottest Things to Wear to a Sporting Event

Whatever sport you are going to see, getting dressed for the game is not easy. Of course you want to look cute, but not super girly or totally out of place. As a huge sports fan, here is my style advice for the next time you are headed to a game.


1. Statement Caps



Emily Ratajkowski has been killing it lately while hanging courtside at Lakers games. We are obsessed with her LA cap and it helps bring her look together. P.S. Wearing cap is a great way to protect your skin if you are at an outdoor game


2. Comfy Leggings



Selena Gomez’s black leggings are perfect for indoor games. They are not only classic but also the next comfiest thing to wearing your PJ pants.


3. Gorgeous Shades


You can try any type of shades but we absolutely love game-day aviators like Jennifer Lopez is wearing. They are much more sporty than other shapes.


4. Accessories



Jeans and a classic tank are perfect for a baseball game. You can make it more personal by adding pretty bracelets and cute earrings like Minka Kelly.


5. Team Jersey



Wearing team jerseys are best way to show your support and nobody pulls it off than Cara Delevingne.