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Finals Prep Must Haves

With finals coming more quickly than I have the patience to deal with, I am starting to feel a bit down and lazy. I feel like all of my friends are starting to feel this way. Our busy schedules are making it difficult to take care of ourselves so I figured I would share some products that I am using right now to feel better!

Bed Head Hair Products – For the days that I really want to create a fun and sexy hair look, I immediately turn to my Bed Head After Party cream. This miracle product is super easy to use. All you have to do is scrunch the cream with both hands into your hair, wet or dry. A little bit of the cream goes a long way. I only use one pump to create a strong wave that lasts throughout the day. For the days I wake up too late to get a shower before class, I use the Bed Head Rockaholic Dry Shampoo. A quick spray to your roots is all it takes. Run your fingers from root to tip to create a style that looks like you just walked out of the salon from a blow out!

Freeman Face Masks – I love to wind down at night before bed with a face mask on to read a book or watch Netflix. The Freeman face mask goes on my skin so nicely and makes me feel so relaxed!

Hi-Chew Candies – These real fruit flavored candies are my latest obsession. I have always been a Starburst or Laffy Taffy girl but after trying these chews, I have a found place in my heart for the strawberry and mango flavors.

Spindrift Sparkling Water – While attending the Her Campus College Fashion Week event in New York, I had the chance to try Spindrift. I was not disappointed! My favorite flavor is grapefruit. This sparkling water is also naturally flavored. So refreshing…

Aeropostale anything – In high school, I remember when the Pretty Little Liars collection was released through Aeropostale and how popular it was to walk down the halls with the Aero hoodie on. Now, I would rather wear the Aero leggings and a cute dress or a bodysuit and jeans. Aeropostale’s rebrand has greatly changed the face of the brand from a loud logo to a subtle style with its heart still in a place where we fell in love with these mall stores. I still find myself obsessively online shopping with Aeropostale when I am bored at night…

These are just a few of my guilty pleasures but you can find these products at Ulta, Target, Trader Joe’s, and of course, Aeropostale!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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