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7 Times Nick Viall Made Me Believe He’s Actually Looking for Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LIM chapter.

Every Monday night I know that my Twitter followers are putting me on mute for all of my Bachelor related tweets. I CAN’T help it! I’m a hopeless romantic and this season,  The Bachelor is like a soap opera on fire.

At first, I was skeptical about Nick Viall as the new Bachelor. I became obsessed with Luke Pell on Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette. Seriously- is he not the hottest southern boy you’ve ever seen? You could say heartbroken was an understatement when I heard that Luke was all packed and ready to go to LA, only to find out THE NIGHT BEFORE that Nick had stolen his spot. So  Nick “Third Time Around” Viall – fourth if you count Bachelor in Paradise-  and I were already off to a pretty bad start.

My impression of Nick at the beginning was not a good one. Other than stealing the job from my southern soul mate Luke, he was dumped by two Bachelorettes and had a stint on BOP- fame whore alert. I pretty much gagged when I saw him cry while saying goodbye to Jen Saviano, probably knowing at that point he was going to be The Bachelor. Weird timing on those promos- huh ABC?

However, I must say I’ve grown to like Nick more and more every week. He’s showed us that what we view as a “manwhore” is actually a romantic. He’s very close to his family and genuinely seems to be a smart and honest guy. While there have been some eye-roll worthy moments from Nick this season, there have been times when I believe Mr. Bachelor is here for all the right reasons.


1 ) When He was Open about His Previous Relationships


Nick isn’t shy about speaking on his relationships with Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jen Saviano. He mentions one of them at least every episode. From how he’s spoken about those relationships, I do think Nick believed he really was going to get engaged to Andi and Kaitlyn on their seasons. TBH- I’m starting to see why he got to the finish line both times.


2) When He sent Liz Home and Came Clean with the Women

Liz, Liz, Liz…. What a sketchy character. I mean The Bachelor franchise is very interconnected. She could have easily gotten Nick’s number from Jade or Tanner to reconnect with him after they slept together. I didn’t buy what she was selling and neither was Nick- so he sent her home. Bye Liz- you can go back to being a doula now, thanks.


3) When He Brings the Women to His Hometown Early in the Season

Normally, I would say that it’s way too soon in the season to get families involved- but Nick is 35 he shouldn’t waste his time. It was cute that he brought Danielle L to all of his favorite high school spots, and even introduced him to his ex! That last part was sarcastic. No one wants to meet the ex before they meet your parents-or at all. Also, the last thing I ever want to do on a date is pick up manure- I’m with you, Corinne. However, Nick redeemed himself when he brought Raven to meet his family at his younger sister’s soccer game and to the roller blading rink- had no idea those still existed. I’d be feeling all sorts of emotions if I was Raven.

4) His 1-1 Date with Vanessa

Nick brought Vanessa into an anti-gravity plane. Floating around and making out only lasted so long until Vanessa started getting motion sickness. When she started to feel nauseous, Nick immediately went into protective mode and took care of her. It was actually pretty sweet and showed he really liked her. He even kissed her after she pukes. It’s easy to see Vanessa and Nick have a gravity-defying connection, puke and all.

5) When He Actually Says Genuine Things

Nick always has a nice thing to say. Something as simple as  “I had the absolute best week”  is reassuring to the women, and lets them know that there is an actual reason for them being here! Nick comes off genuine, not fake and I appreciate that.

6) His 1-1 Date in New Orleans

I am a big Rachel fan. She is fun, intelligent and just an all around sweet girl. When her name was called for the date card I was so excited! On their date in the streets of New Orleans, they looked just like any other couple. Nick was very playful and romantic with her, and it really felt that they had a true connection. My favorite part was at dinner when Nick broke the rules and told Rachel he was “super into” her. *swoon*


7) When He Sent Taylor Home


I KNOW this might be a little controversial, but Nick and Taylor had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. And while we all might not be Team Corn, there’s no denying that Nick had a deeper connection with her. Also, she was super creepy when she was having her energy cleaned by the fire by the shaman, or whatever that person was. ABC this is The Bachelor, not Survivor. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see what Taylor does tonight when she crashes Nick and Corinne’s date.

Tune into ABC tonight at 8/7 C for the latest episode of The Bachelor!

Casey Miller is a graduate student studying Fashion Marketing at LIM College. While living New York City she has interned for two national magazines as well as womenswear designer Christian Siriano. She also runs her own blog and is a digital influencer for Cosmopolitan Magazine's Social Patrol. For all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle check out her blog www.frombeginningtotrend.com.