5 Books To Read On Spring Break

Spring break is here and whether you're on the beach, or chilling at home it is always fun to have a book with you to pass the time. From classics to modern books, this list gives you amazing choices. I love every single one of them and read them many times. Here are my recommendations for you!

1) Tender Is The Night - F. Scott Fitzgerald



This tragic romance is definitely for you if you love 20's and want to feel like you are on the beaches of French Riviera. 

2) Emma - Jane Austen



Austen’s romantic classic. Emma is fun, full of romance, comic confusion and plot twists. 

P.S. Alicia Silverstone's movie Clueless was inspired by Emma’s character! 

3) Me Before You- Jojo Moyes


It is an enormously emotional and insightful novel that focuses on a young paralyzed man and his love towards his care provider. 

4) To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

An American classic. This novel will let you empathize with the characters and walk in their shoes.

5) Don't Die My Love -  Lurlene McDaniel


This book is about high school sweethearts Julie and her football player boyfriend Luke. One day Luke shakes and Julie persuades him to see a doctor. His test results are alarming but Julie knows that their love is stronger than anything. Can their love survive and live forever?

PS: I discovered this book during my teenage years when I was a huge Miley Cyrus fan. She tweeted that it was her favorite book ever! So as I'm a huge fan girl I immediately ordered it on Amazon!