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4 Packing Mistakes You Are Making That Need to Stop

I’m sure all of you guys can’t wait for Spring Break to arrive to sip on your margaritas and enjoy your days off from school. Others, are just waiting for the day to arrive where you are heading out of city with your family and friends to enjoy the warm climate somewhere outside of the country. Since many of you will be traveling this Spring Break, it’s important to recognize your constant packing mistake you seem to never fix. Seriously, NEVER!


1) Excessively Shopping.

Shopping is so fun when you have a purpose to go to the mall in the first place, but when you end up exhausted from shopping, then you have a problem. First, look in your closet and see what you are working with. Study your closet; see what you already have and make a list of things you don’t have. Trust me, this will make your life so much easier. Once you purchase everything on your list, you will avoid forgetting an important piece for your vacation!




2) Packing All Your Makeup.    

We are all guilty of thinking we need our entire collection of eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, glow kits, you name it. The real question is, “do we actually need all of that makeup?” NO! Let’s be realistic, you are on vacation to get a nice tan, not have a full face of makeup 24/7. Edit your makeup products: bring only one of your favorite makeup products! If there is that one item that you really need to pack is a matte or dewy finish spray so your makeup last all night!!


3) Not Packing Sunscreen.

Yes, may sound pretty obvious but 9 out 10 times there has been an occasion where we forget to pack sunscreen and return back home with a horrifying sunburn. Make this your priority item to pack in your bag so you avoid any aging wrinkles from the sun!




4) Carrying Too Many Items in Your Personal Bag.

When you are traveling, you want to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible knowing it’s going to be a long flight. No matter how many times you travel, there will always be the fight of letting things go and only bringing items you need in your personal bag. Key items for your personal bag: a smaller bag with products that will keep you fresh throughout the entire flight (perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste, cleansing wipes, lip balm, lotion, etc.). Make sure they are all travel sized items so security won’t take it away from you. You also want your headphones, phone, and/or iPad to watch movies or listen to music, and most importantly, your wallet and passport! Also, have a book, journal, or magazine to read and write. The less amount of things you carry with you, the less your shoulder will hurt!


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