The Ultimate Kitchen Facial

Does shopping for new facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers leave you feeling overwhelmed? Find yourself wondering where to go or what to use? Next time you are looking for some new facial products make your first stop the kitchen!



If you classify your face as oily, have acne scars, or an unwanted pimple then lemon juice is the ingredient for you! A natural citric acidic, lemon is the perfect mild astringent following a gentle cleanser. After applying lemon juice to your skin, your body’s tissue begins to push out the oils in your face. Lemons work great at fighting oils and preventing bacteria that specifically trigger and lead to pimples. Be mindful to use this ingredient with caution as the lemon’s citric nature can also be overbearing for sensitive skin. This item can be found in almost every grocery store at an affordable price. Try mixing lemon juice, distilled water, and witch hazel to create your own lemon facial toner for everyday use!


Enriched in antioxidant properties,  oatmeal can provide calming nutrients to your skin!  No matter if you classify your skin as oily, dry, or combination the saponin in oatmeal will soothe all problem areas. Oatmeal is a great exfoliate and can in fact scrub away your dead skin cells. When deciding a specific oat to use for your facial, consider using steel cut oats because of it's similarity to the grain’s natural state. Problems with sensitive skin? No problem! Oatmeal is the perfect moisturizer loaded with antiinflammatories that your skin needs. This grain is also great for absorbing oils that can lead to acne. After a difficult week, apply some oatmeal to your face for 15 minutes to distress.


The following liquid is already stocked in your cabinet for afternoon tea. Now, consider honey as your new weekly afternoon facial. The antibacterial in honey can help prevent all your acne problems naturally and serves as a treatment for existing flares. Problems with dull looking skin? Use honey as a natural complexion booster and regain your glow! The antioxidants in honey also slow down the effects of aging and damage caused by the environment. Raw honey is the best type of honey to use because it maintains the liquid’s natural enzymes and something else. Try using honey along with some warm steam to unclog your pores before using your favorite cleanser.



The ingredient that was once used in moderation can now be used abundantly as your new facial exfoliate. Sugar, a gritty carbohydrate can scrub away all your dead skin cells. Providing a new radiant shine to dullness, sugar hydrates and adds moisture to your face. Infused with humectant, sugar also promotes younger-looking skin. When deciding to use sugar as part of your beauty routine, be particular in the type of sugar you select. If you find your skin to be classified as sensitive then consider using brown sugar. This sugar proves to be gentler to use because the grains are much smaller compared to those in white sugar. Looking for a simple DIY idea? Try mixing some brown sugar and coconut oil together to smooth out your skin!