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Ways to Celebrate a Birthday at School

For many, this is the first birthday away which can be kind of lonely, but here are some tips to make celebrating at college just as much if not even more fun than at home! 


Get the whole hall involved!

I’m not kidding – if you’re a first year, reserving a lounge is a great way to have your very own party!



Target has an amazing clearance section! My hall went out and bought a whole stash of decorations that we use for everyone’s birthday. Grab streamers, party hats, balloons, a piñata, a sash, and a tiara!


Cake! Cake! Cake!

No birthday is complete without a cake, obviously! Once again the amazing Target comes to the rescue with cake mix for a dollar and icing for two. And of course, funfetti is a must!


A Fancy Dinner

Yeah, well, our version of a fancy dinner is Chipotle, Panera, or ordering a pizza with the pepperoni in the shape of her age! Anything is better than Rathbone.


Don’t Forget

Cash in on your once a year chance to get a special dance from the lovely boys of east fifth! Complete with a grain shower, yay!

Don’t worry, birthdays away from home can be great too! Welcome to Lehigh and celebrate accordingly!

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