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Texts From Last Night Lehigh Edition

Lehigh is known for a lot of things. Our academics compare with the Ivy Leagues, our sports teams constantly dominate over many competitors, mut one of Lehigh’s most pronounced accomplishments is that its students know how to work hard, but play harder.

Around campus, you always hear funny stories about what happens when the sun goes down here in South Bethlehem. So I decided to show some truly hilarious and almost incriminating evidence of how Lehigh students truly do know how to have fun through the funniest way possible, their text messages. After this article, you’ll really learn a lot more about our Lehigh “culture” and recognize that the friends you make here are the kind you can be yourself with.

From a kid you haven’t talked to since 10th grade, at 1 AM…

(732): Hey my friend was on a quiz show one time and the host sang backup for Jason derulo

On a typical Friday morning…


From your best friend from freshman year…

From that guy you made out with once at a registered texting you at 12:46 AM…

(908): Hey help us with our sales you can click on the website or you can part it in an rxn.

From your sorority sister on how to solve boy problems…

(201): tell all of the boys to date me.

…and then texting your boy on how to solve boy problems.

(610): sleep please?

When your Big texts you asking for help…

(914): I have no idea where my phone is. help. do you know where my phone is

…and when your sorority sister needs a little “pick-me-up”.

(201): She fell in the toilet

…and when spending the holidays at home truly get to you.

Hi! I'm Laura. I'm currently a sophomore at Lehigh University and I have been writing for HerCampus for the past two years. I'm an English and History double major, and I'm currently getting my Masters of Education degree at Lehigh. I'm obsessed with anything Audrey Hepburn and one day I will marry Jimmy Fallon, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Jason Gordon Levitt. I also am obsessed with pugs and bulldog puppies.
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