Sorority Spotlight '16-'17: Zeta Tau Alpha


1.     What makes your chapter special?

As a chapter, not only are we bound by the values and traditions of ZTA, but also by the empowerment and opportunities that we give individual sisters to share and embrace their other passions. We pride ourselves in having a sisterhood of diverse individuals who expose each other to new experiences and perspectives. We celebrate individuality and unity by promoting events that members participate in by showing our support for our sisters and community by attending acapella shows, sports events, club meetings and more.


2.     What is your favorite memory as a house?

One of the most memorable moments of the past year was actually the night before preference round.  As we prepared the house for the last day of recruitment, we were informed that storm Jonas was brewing and that recruitment would be delayed. As we sat around prepping what we could, we heard scratching at our back door. One of our sisters opened it to investigate, and discovered a small, white puppy! The poor dog was covered in ice, so our sisters took him inside. We warmed him up and groomed him since his fur was matted and dirty. We snuggled around him until he fell asleep.  Everyone in the chapter took turns feeding him and taking him outside. After a few days together, found his owner and reunited him with his family. We learned his name was AJ and he had been missing since Christmas! AJ’s family still sends us photos of him every few months. While the circumstances were unexpected, we worked together to get AJ back home and made memories we’ll never forget from a day with so many surprises.

A photo featuring AJ


3.     What is your house’s favorite meal that your chef makes?

Our favorite meal our chef, Ron, makes is breakfast for dinner. This typically consists of french toast sticks, pancakes, eggs, home fries, bacon, sausage, and fresh fruit. Everything Ron makes is always yummy- but he knows we especially love breakfast foods at any time of day.


4.     What is your chapter’s philanthropy? What are your biggest events on campus?

 ZTA’s philanthropy is Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. We are fortunate to partner with three dedicated organizations, which reach out to individuals who have been affected by breast cancer. Our partnership with the NFL focuses on awareness. In October, Zetas pass out pink ribbons during NFL Crucial Catch games all around the country. We also work with Bright Pink to host preventative education workshops that help women assess their individual risk and family history. Lastly, we partner with the American Cancer Society to focus on survivor recognition through Making Strides Walks nationwide. Each October, we host events with our partner organizations and local businesses to promote our philanthropy during our Pink Week, which culminates in our Think Pink football game at Goodman Stadium.


5.     What is your house’s GPA?

Our chapter’s GPA is a 3.25.


6.     What is your house’s favorite tradition?

While our chapter enjoys traditions such as going to Dorney Park’s Haunt Fest in October and Ice Skating in the winter, our favorite memories are often the smaller moments that happen every day. As a group of roughly 100 women, individually we have different priorities and commitments that take up the majority of our time. Therefore, it is important that occasionally we take a step back and acknowledge our strengths and accomplishments. One of our favorite activities is called “Reach Out,” where at the end of a chapter-wide meeting, the room is split up into five groups. Each group takes a turn standing up while everyone else closes their eyes and our sisterhood chair reads statements such as “Reach out and touch a sister you admire,” “reach out and touch a sister you want to know better.” Members race through the room to gently tap on sisters who embody those statements. This is just an example of one activity we do to reconnect. We all get a pick me up and are then able to reset ourselves to remember that it’s the little things we do that can impact others more than we realize.


7.     How do members deal with the financial commitment of being a part of Greek Life?

            The ZTA national foundation offers scholarships and our chapter also has payment plans for members who request them.


8.     What is the most important thing you would want a PNM to know before going through recruitment?

Recruitment is what you make of it, so definitely go into the process with an open mind and most of all, confidence. Don't doubt yourself or your choices. Let potential sisters get to know the real you. Rely on your friends, hall mates, and Rho Gammas to form a circle of support, and encourage one another throughout the whole week. Remember that things will fall into place!