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Sorority Spotlight ’16-’17: Pi Beta Phi

1. What makes your chapter special?

Our unique chapter members make Pi Beta Phi special.  There is no “stereotypical Pi Phi” because all of us are different in who we are and what we do. Our members bring a wide variety of qualities to our chapter, and are involved all around campus.


2. What is your favorite memory as a house?

Our chapter loves coming together after we get a new member class. During our new member education period, we hold many different chapter-wide events. Our favorites this past year were ice skating and a Murder Mystery Party that we all participated in together. It’s fun to not only get to know the new member class, but to also bond as a chapter and make great memories.


3. What is your house’s favorite meal that your chef makes?

We love everything Chef Mike cooks! Our favorites would have to be his tomato mozzarella sandwiches as well as his grilled cheese and tomato basil soup.


4. What is your chapter’s philanthropy? What are your biggest events on campus?

Our chapter’s philanthropy is the Literacy Foundation. We raise money directly for the foundation. Our two biggest events on campus are Pie a Pi Phi, usually held near Pi Day, and Pi Phi Gives You Wings. For Pie a Pi Phi, we partner with different chapters on campus and hold the event on the front lawn where students can pay money to throw whipped cream pies at us. Last year we raised over $1,000! Pi Phi Gives You Wings is held in Lamberton at night, where we provide all you can eat chicken wings!


5. What is your house’s GPA?

Our chapter’s overall GPA is a 3.39. Pi Beta Phi requires a minimum GPA of a 2.4 in order for PNMs to rush.


6. What is your house’s favorite tradition?

Our chapter’s favorite tradition is Cookie Shines. At a Cookie Shine we make massive amounts of cookies, and gather together in our living room. We go around the room and talk about our favorite memories and experiences of being a Pi Phi sister, usually laughing and telling side-stories to the memorable events. After we tell our story, we eat a cookie off the tray (we always make extras)!


7. How do members deal with the financial commitment of being apart of Greek Life?

Joining almost any organization will present a financial commitment, but our chapter has some of the least expensive dues. Pi Beta Phi’s Vice President of Finance does everything possible to keep the dues as low as possible, while still maintaining all of our chapter experiences. Our national chapter has scholarships our members can apply for, as well as a payment plan option.



8. What is the most important thing you would want a PNM to know before going through recruitment?

Recruitment can be intimidating. We all went through recruitment, and we know it can be stressful for all PNMs. But just be yourself! Relax during conversations, and try to get to know the chapter you are visiting. Everything will work out and you’ll be sure to find a chapter that you love!

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