Sorority Spotlight '16-'17: Gamma Phi Beta


1.  What makes your chapter special?

Our chapter is filled with girls from all different backgrounds. We are all so different that it makes us that much closer!


2.  What is your favorite memory as a house?

One of our top favorite memories is when we went on a camping overnight retreat a couple of hours away and we stayed up all night around a campfire telling each other scary stories. The funny part was was that there was a fox circling us every 5 minutes that we had to scare away.


3.  What is your house’s favorite meal that your chef makes?

Our favorite meal is definitely dip day. Our chef, Kevin, makes 4 different kinds of dips and has many different things that you can dip in it. For example, he makes bbq chicken dip, artichoke dip, and french onion dip.


4.  What is your chapter’s philanthropy? What are your biggest events on campus?

Our chapter’s philanthropy is Moon Ball. We have a volleyball tournament every fall and donate our proceeds to a fund called Girls on the Run. It helps girls all over the country take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms. We also do Heart Throb, every Valentine’s Day which sends out candy grams to people. The proceeds also go to Girls on the Run.


5.  What is your house’s GPA?

Our GPA is 3.27


6.  What is your house’s favorite tradition?

Our favorite tradition is big little reveal when we have balloons attached to strings and we have to unwind the strings and get to the end to find our bigs.


7.  How do members deal with the financial commitment of being a part of Greek Life?

Being in Greek Life is definitely a financial commitment. Paying dues is one thing, but putting in 10-20 for the “extra” benefits may be hard, such as buying a formal shirt. Members are supported by their sisters through it all. 


8.  What is the most important thing you would want a PNM to know before going through recruitment?

I would want them to know that joining a house shouldn’t be based on your friends, based on the upperclassman you knew in high school. It should be based upon what you believe you would fit in most when you get to Lehigh. It may seem overwhelming during formal recruitment, but just remember even the chapter’s members are overwhelmed in making the day run smooth.